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Saturday Soccer School
School Holiday Events
Community Events
 Provide the foundations for a     Healthy Lifestyle
 Improved self-confidence
 Improved communication skills
 Improves attitudes to learning
 Encourages group cohesion
 Improves mental fitness along     with physical fitness “fit body =     fit mind”
 Improves social behaviour
 Improves team spirit and     Fairplay
 Allows leadership potential to     develop
 Enhances motor skills
 Encourages problem solving

Our soccer schools are based all around the Northwest and have 5,000 children attending our events yearly.
We have Saturday morning soccer schools, half-term and school holiday 3-day events and advanced coaching academies.
We also have many after school sports clubs running in and around the Northwest.
All of our coaching staff are fully qualified and are trained to use a coaching method called guided discovery. Guided discovery style of coaching is simply allowing the children to come up with answers themselves, from a series of demonstrations by the coach. This method of coaching involves the children in the thought process instead of the familiar coaching methods used by some: - Instruction.
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